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Catch of the Day Peterborough

Peterborough beaches are beautiful and rugged and completely unspoiled.  Depending on the wind and tides there are many alternatives to swim or walk.

There is a Playground for the kids, tennis courts, golf course.  Fishing, Water Skiing, surfing and more.  And, if you are lucky (and have a fishing licence*) you may just catch one of the many rock lobsters living under the rocks.

And, of course, you can visit the 12 Apostles, Bay of Islands, Gibsons Steps and all the Great Ocean Road iconic sights which are within a 10 to 15 minute drive from Peterborough.

And if food is your fancy, there are many alternatives close by from the Timboon Railway Shed and Distillery to Port Campbell cafes and restaurants.

 We have collected some photos from our guests to give you an idea of the range of activities and breathtaking beauty of Peterborough and the Great Ocean Road.


(*fishing licences are available for a fee at the General Store in Peterborough).

Beautiful rich colours in the Rock Pools

rich colours in the Peterborough rock pools

One of our guests sent us this pic of this beautifully rich rock pool.

The one that "got away" ...


A not so lucky fishing boat at Peterborough

A not so lucky fisherman was stranded on Peterborough beach when rough weather pushed his boat onto shore. The locals soon helped him relaunch his boat.

Underwater Snap of Shells in a Rock Pool

underwater pic of shells in rock pool

One of our intrepid guests sent us this pic of their snorkelling exploits in one of the rock pools.

Having Fun at the Front Beach

Peterborough Beach Fun for older Kids

The front beach and mens pool is a 5 minute walk from Oakwood.

The older kids just love to jump off the rocks into the deep pool.   Many years ago it was named the "mens pool" because the men swam there and the women swam around the corner.  Now, of course, everyone swims there.

Seal drops in to say hello.

Seal on the beach at Peterborough VIC

Occasionally we have seals visit Peterborough.

Peterborough Rugged Beauty

Peterborough Beach VIC

Experience the joy of swimming at Peterborough.  You will find rock pools, fish and maybe the odd rock lobster or abalone.

Tennis anyone..

tennis courts at peterborough

There are tennis courts near the playground available for anyone to play.

Water skiing Curdies River

water skiing curdies river peterborough

If you have a boat and skis you can go water skiing on Curdies River. A couple of minutes from Oakwood.


snorkelling at peterborough vic

There is plenty to see Diving or Snorkelling around Peterborough. The rock pools or front beach are ideal snorkelling for kids.

"Hair Art"

Hair Art at Peterborough VIC

Kids having fun at the beach.

Breathtaking local beaches

Peterborough Local Beach

Peterborough has many local beaches within easy walking distance of Oakwood and depending upon the tides and wind direction you will be able to find a beach to swim or just stroll along the shore gazing at the magnificent coastline.

More "Hair Art"

hair art at Peterborough beach

Some creative kids having fun.

Rock pool at Peterborough

rock pool at peterborough

Gorgeous colors and  sea life in the rock pools.

Fun for the kids..

Playground at Peterborough

Kids love the playground. There is a bbq/picnic area next to it.

Local Celebrities

Judges arriving at the local sandcastle competition Peterborough VIC

The judges arriving at the local sandcastle competitiion.

Annual sandcastle competition

Peterborough VIC annual sandcastle competition

Getting ready for the annual sandcastle competition.

Dress Up Competition

Peterborough dress up for the kids

There are many activities in Peterborough and if you happen to be around at Christmas time, you may see some interesting locals..

More colourful locals

Interesting locals at Peterborough

You will see some colorful locals wandering around during summer.