Oakwood IconSome of our guests have sent us photos from their holiday at Peterborough.

The 12 Apostles are about 15 minutes from Oakwood.

The Bay of Matrys and Bay of Islands, both spectacular sights, are also a  few minutes drive from Peterborough.

Gibsons Steps

Gibsons Steps GOR 2014

A recent guest from North Carolina,USA, sent us this pic  of  the magnificent cliffs at Gibsons Steps.

Aerial view over Great Ocean Road

Aerial view of Great Ocean Road

Some of our guests recently took the helicopter tour over the Great Ocean Road and sent us these pictures... wow..

View from Helicopter

Aerial view of Great Ocean Road PeterboroughAerial view of Great Ocean Road Peterborough

Helicopter tours.

Helicopter tours from 12 Apostles and Peterborough over Great Ocean Road

This particular helicopter is based at the 12 Apostles. There are also helicopter tours available from Peterborough.